(ÄDK)- Egyptian-German Cultural Centre was established in 1998. With various branches in Cairo, ÄDK offers German language courses for adults from A1 to C1 and for children from A1 to B1. Over the years thousands have graduated and have learned in ÄDK. In addition to our language courses, ÄDK organizes cultural projects independently, or in conjunction with the Goethe institute. 
ÄDK is the first institute to be accredited from the Goethe institute in the Middle East and North Africa region (Nasr City branch & Elhegaz Branch). ÄDK is also the first accredited examination centre in Egypt from the ÖSD (Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch), with its headquarters in Vienna, and the second in the Middle east and north Africa region after Morocco.

News Box
  • ÄDK On Line
  • A1 to start on 03.10.2020  (Sat - Fri) Morning
  • A1 to start on 04.10.2020  (Sun - Wed)
  • A1 to start on 05.10.2020  (Sat - Mon - Thu)
  • A1 to start on 10.10.2020  (Sat - Tue)
  • A1 to start on 11.10.2020  (Sun - Tue - Wed)
  • A1 to start on 19.10.2020  (Mon - Thu)
  • A2 to start on 30.09.2020 (Sun - Tue - Wed)
  • A2 to start on 10.10.2020  (Sat - Tue)
  • A2 to start on 21.10.2020 (Sun - Wed)
  • B1 to start on 29.09.2020 (Sat - Tue)
  • B1 to start on 04.10.2020 (Sat - Tue - Wed)
  • B1 to start on 14.10.2020 (Sun - Wed)
  • B2.1 to start on 27.09.2020 (Sun - Wed)
  • B2.1 to start on 31.10.2020 (Sat - Tue)
  • B2.2 to start on 29.10.2020 (Mon - Thu)