Children and young adults


Fostering childrens potential is a priority for us in ÄDK. That is a belief that shapes how we handle our courses and workshops for children. Our courses help children develop their skills and language while encouraging them to be free, critical and independent thinkers.


From ages 10-12

Course hours: 30 hours

In this course children get to write their stories and roam with their imagination under the supervision of the teacher. The teacher works closely with the children to develop their ideas and language and helps them to express themselves freely. They also get to draw and illustrate their stories and work on their drawing skills with the help of a professional.

This course is useful for the childrens creative expression and their self confidence to express themselves freely in their writings and drawings. It is also an opportunity for parents to see and observe the inner thoughts and psychological state of their children , through seeing what goes on their mind in their drawings and writings. The drawings and writings of the children say a lot about their inner thoughts and psychological states. Parents can then see what is going on in their childrens' mind. At many times, parents do not pay careful attention to what their children say, dismissing them as being trivial or ‘childish’ . When in fact, those ideas could make a great room for self expression and creativity. This is what we try to develop closely in this course.


How does a child create a whole world of shapes and stories using household items or some toys and dolls? Holding a food plate and pretending it is a car wheel while making car noises as he runs around the house with it. This child here is using his imagination to travel to other places. Things and house hold items come to life with their imagination and innate creativity.

We find children here seeing ordinary things with a different eye and that is outright creativity.This is a storytelling workshop for children, where they make a theatre with recycled and household items around them, letting their creativity roam. The course is supervised with a teacher that helps them when necessary, as we would like children in this course to be independent and make everything themselves.


From ages 7-14

This course targets students who learn German as their first language,usually they are from the German school. It aims to develop their linguistic and artistic skills.


from ages 7-14

This course is targeted for students who want to learn or are learning German as their second language. We aim here to increase their vocabulary and language skills and their ability to communicate in German. Students usually come after a long day’s work at school, so we make sure our teaching method is different, engaging and fun for them.

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