The art of teaching is something we have mastered throughout the long years of working in this field. We do believe that for someone to teach German, he needs more than a good command of the German language.
A knowledge into the techniques and art of teaching and its methodologies, are what makes unique teachers distinct. Teachers create an environment for the students where they can enrich their learning experience.
Our Teachers’ diploma is an essential prerequisite to teaching at ÄDK…
If you are passionate about teaching German and think you would like to join our team and take our diploma, please send us your CV below.

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  • A1 to start on 03.10.2020  (Sat - Fri) Morning
  • A1 to start on 04.10.2020  (Sun - Wed)
  • A1 to start on 05.10.2020  (Sat - Mon - Thu)
  • A1 to start on 10.10.2020  (Sat - Tue)
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  • A1 to start on 19.10.2020  (Mon - Thu)
  • A2 to start on 30.09.2020 (Sun - Tue - Wed)
  • A2 to start on 10.10.2020  (Sat - Tue)
  • A2 to start on 21.10.2020 (Sun - Wed)
  • B1 to start on 29.09.2020 (Sat - Tue)
  • B1 to start on 04.10.2020 (Sat - Tue - Wed)
  • B1 to start on 14.10.2020 (Sun - Wed)
  • B2.1 to start on 27.09.2020 (Sun - Wed)
  • B2.1 to start on 31.10.2020 (Sat - Tue)
  • B2.2 to start on 29.10.2020 (Mon - Thu)