Karim Badawy Scholarship


Who is Karim Badawy?


Karim Badawy (1984-2014) was a young and excelling college student, specializing in Modern German litreature. Karim had a disability that caused him great pain and body paralysis. Despite his severe health condition, he was able to excel in his German language, in the faculty of al Alsun, and has shown great initiative and brilliance in his language. He was an avid learner at ÄDK and was a contestant visitor to our cultural and educational events.  We believe there are many brilliant people like Karim in our society and it is our responsibility to help develop them.



In ÄDK we believe that we have social responsibility for our community. We believe in developing and empowering youth and all society members. That's why we offer the Karim Badawy scholarship for disabled people and individuals. ÄDK offers 10 people annually a full scholarship to learn German in the institute, including resources and materials.The scholarship includes the persons accompanying the candidate, they too can be part of this scholarship. A Panel of specialists help filter out the nominees. If you think you are eligible or know someone that is eligible for the scholarship, please send us a brief description or a resume on karimbadawy@adkcentral.com


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