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Our slogan ‘Language as culture. Culture as language’ represents clearly our mission and what we stand for. Through cultural and educational services we aim to create a platform for communication between Arab and German cultures, in order to facilitate cultural exchange and transfer of knowledge from both sides in various branches. By doing that we believe, we can create, develop and empower quality calibers for the job market.


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Goethe Accreditation

It is our pleasure to announce that ÄDK was reaccredited. This was the result of a very detailed inspection from Goethe-institut representatives from all over the world. It is our great pride that we have scored an incredibly high score of quality points during this year’s accreditation. Only 14 Instituts worldwide are accredited from the Goethe-Institut,We are proud of our success story and proud of our Huge team that help us reach, where we are today .Our partnerships and cooperation with the Goethe-Institut help us spread knowledge and culture throughout the region.

ÄDK Careers

As part of our mission to connect Egyptian youth and talents to the job market, ÄDK designed over the years its career portal. Along the years thousands of students have graduated from ÄDK to find jobs in Germany, Austria and other countries in Europe. With the demand in the job market ÄDK is connecting young people to various organizations and companies in different fields. Our career program takes you through a journey of language learning, certification and outstanding jobs in your respective field.

Karim Badawy Scholarship

In ÄDK we believe that we have social responsibility for our community. We believe in developing and empowering youth and all society members. That's why we offer the Karim Badawy scholarship for disabled people and individuals. ÄDK offers 10 people annually a full scholarship to learn German in the institute, including resources and materials.

Philosophy Cafe

Earlier this year, we launched our philosophy cafe with conjunction with the ÖKF. Philosophy cafe is a place, where lovers of free thinking and discourse, discuss daily problems of our lives and ask questions about life and our existence in it. Our philosophy cafe has been a true joy, where participants from various backgrounds and cultures came together to discuss interesting topics.

ÄDK Teaching Diploma

The art of teaching is something we have mastered throughout the long years of working in this field. We do believe that for someone to teach German, he needs more than a good command of the German language.A knowledge into the techniques and art of teaching and its methodologies, are what makes unique teachers distinct.


We see ourselves as mediators between east and west. Through facilitating cultural projects that allow dialogue between artists and thinkers, clearing misconceptions and misunderstandings often presented by the media.

I know very well the level of quality that ÄDK work with and the level of discipline and enthusiasm our colleagues at ÄDK work with to spread the German language. I also know how much ÄDK has developed  successfully throughout the years and no better testimony than its accreditation from the Goethe Institute three times in a row with very positive remarks. If this reflects anything, it reflects the level of quality of education and professionality the management works with.

Johannes Ebert

Generalsekretär des Goethe-Instituts

ÄDK plays an active role with its very high quality German courses, in supporting and spreading the German language in Egypt. The accreditation visits and the reaccreditation showed the high quality in teaching German at ÄDK, the latest one being in 2019. Its a common challenge from the Goethe Institute and ÄDK to answer for the increasing demand on the German language through qualified and highly trained trainers.

Frau Susane Höhn

Institutsleiterin Goethe-Institut Kairo Regionalleiterin Nordafrika/Nashost

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The Goethe Institute sends its warmest congratulations to all colleagues at ÄDK , for turning 23 years. The Goethe-Institute has been represented in Egypt for more than 60 years in Cairo and Alexandria and has strong ties that go back in years with ÄDK.

Sebastian Vötter,

Leiter der Sprachabteilung Regionaler Fachauftrag

ÄDK has always been known for its high quality German language courses, and we are very happy that ÄDK and its team are partners with us and we are glad that we cooperate to answer the large demand on the German language.

ÄDK is always known for its top training program for its teachers and its good work environment and creating a comfortable educational atmosphere in its branches.

Simone Jore

Referentin für Sprachkurse und Prüfungen

I spent years at ÄDK , all my friends i have done were at ÄDK. The teachers that taught me , the fun activities, the memories and the education made me love this place. I learned german because i wanted to achieve my goals and i am so glad i did it at ÄDK.

Yasmine Abu El Maaty

ÄDK Alumni and Africa Record holder Pole Jumping

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